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Gibraltar Security Services offers COVID-19 Compliance Officers for music, film & tv productions.

From Boots to Suits

Security Provided By Experienced Military Veterans

Areas Of Expertise

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We specialize in long or short term VIP security services for high profile individuals, celebrities and people in the media spotlight. We offer armed or unarmed bodyguard protection at events, at work, at home or when traveling and can include protection for staff and/or families as well. 

Private Security

Our private security services*  includes armed and/or unarmed security officers, for film productions, award shows, special events, corporate or residential properties, airports, banks, mobile patrols and the people within the protected areas. See our service details for more info.

Physical  Security

Whether you are there or away from your facilities (or residence), access control is essential in protecting equipment, resources, property or personnel/family. We offer multiple layers of protection including CCTV surveillance,  protective barriers, locks, security guards and more.

Security Intelligence

We offer military-grade data collection, risk analysis and dissemination of domestic and international matters. Cyber intelligence, local crime, persons of interest, health & safety issues, historical data, government, military, geo-political and terrorism.

Ground Transportation

We go above and beyond simply delivering clients to requested destinations. All security drivers and close protection officers undergo strict due diligence processes including background checks, criminal record checks and are properly licensed. Vehicles are pre-inspected prior to each assignment.

Private Aviation

Our security specialists provide in-air security escort for your personal safety while flying. We are uniquely positioned to provide 24-hour physical security and detailed inspection of your private aircraft, baggage, cargo and other passengers – nearly anywhere in the world and often within short notice.


We help facilitate the safety of Federal, State and Local government employees or other public figures representing U.S. government interests, regardless of whether they are situated domestically or abroad, for diplomats, dignitaries, government officials and/or their staff and other public figures.

Special Assignment

We are a leading security service provider, employing many military veterans & off-duty law enforcement officers as security specialists. In addition to our traditional services, we can create a special plan based on your specific requirements. Send us an email and tell us your security needs. We’re ready.

*Note: Security guards and bodyguards are both commonly hired to provide private protection services. Their roles, however, differ. Private security guards protect property & people. Close Protection (aka bodyguard) is specific to an individual and personalized protection.  

Massive shout out to Gregory Harrison! Need security?? Who you gonna call??

Ray Parker, Jr.Singer/Songwriter/Producer: “Ghostbusters,” and “You Can't Change That”

Gibraltar Security Services is the most important asset for any event where security is an issue. We have worked with Gibraltar for the past four years on many events; they are professional, discreet, respectful, and the best security team we have ever worked with!

Matt, Navah and Ed AsnerThe Ed Asner Family Center

Gregory Harrison has put together the very best in personal and location security. Firm but polite, my productions and cast always feel safe knowing that Gibraltar Security Services places safety of our talent, crew and locations as their top priority.

Francisco 'Fran' StrineDirector/Producer: "Who You Gonna Call," and "Hired Gun"

Thank you for ensuring the security of our people and organization. Your team consistently does a great job providing a discrete level of enhanced security. The professionalism of you and your team is always welcome and very much appreciated at Helinet.

Jim McGowan, President & COOHelinet Aviation Services, LLC

Incredible. Twice as good as I could have ever imagined!

Eve CrawfordProducer, Film & Television

They completely set-up an electronic system where we could monitor all 40+ locations at once.

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Buzz Coffee Inc

My boss is extremely well known and is often a bit controversial. Gibraltar Security is the first call after booking an event to make sure she's protected.

Zak ReidPersonal Assistant

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